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The photograph of Paolo Del Grande is spread over a plot of fragments, views, iconic references to the call acts of an absence, not visible in more than a visual structure, a continuous cross-reference to another that is beyond the fixed figure in the image. The subjects qualify as an impulse meta-photographic input that never captures an actual reality and tangible, but rather refers to the impossibility of an unambiguous definition of the world of things and ended
In the representation of everyday objects, urban landscapes, faces, body fragments, individual structural elements of matter, always ambiguous figures come to life, never fully expressed, always tended to suggest a reference to something else, such as to predict the starting point vision of a universe whose unspoken introduce with their mysterious presence.
A displacement of the here and now, which makes the image portrayed a figure suspended in a constant state of waiting, in which the space-time dimension becomes something beyond the control of the look to retreat into a world not said, to go to dissolve in a kind of indeterminacy elusive.
Between 2005 and 2008 the artist develops a research object omnivorous, portraying bodies, materials, industrial products, urban spaces, whose reality is constantly caught in the condition of partial view, a given circumstantial that is reinterpreted in his capacity as tangible portion of another world, where the subject of the photograph becomes a symbol of a reflection on the concept of visual signifier.
In the last series was born in 2009, ironically titled Unfortunately, seven years the artist experimented a technique to capture the condition of image fragment by breaking it down into a game of stories in the mirror, through the use of a glove is covered with small broken pieces of mirrors is also caught in the shot rear view of the photographed subject, broken down into micro-fragments of the reflecting surface.
The research is aimed at urban structures and architectural, read in their quality of portion of a space disjoint, impossible to traced in a condition of equilibrium and stasis but on the contrary the expression of a perturbing indetermination.
The city becomes the place of the unconscious, surreal expression of the inner world, rejecting every monumental and any possible subordination of the individual to its structure, the urban reality is transformed into an area cleared by preconceived intent, on which the individual develops his own emotional projections, making it his own and making interior space, metaphysical and unsettling.


Valentina Bonzi

black & white


Итальянский архитектор Паоло Дель Гранде прославился благодаря своим модернистским, порой футуристичным проектам. Авангардная архитектура жилых домов и коммерческих помещений от Дель Гранде нашла признание далеко за пределами Италии, где, по словам архитек- тора, менталитет все еще тяготеет к традиционализму.


نحن الاستوديو، ومعرض وسلاسل محترفه في روما وبونتا علاء مع تصميم المنازل الفخمة و، بالإضافة إلى المباني الخاصة والتجارية الحصرية والمرافق العامة، وخلق أفكار خاصة بهم بالجدية والمهنية، الإبداع وسنوات من الخبرة.

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