Paolo Del Grande, has Architetturanuda, a series of works by the artist devoted to reflection on the interrelationships between architecture and painting.
the artist in this exhibition offers a complete range of Architetturanuda works, paintings in which forms the architectural space, compared to the visual expression of the paint. Paolo Del Grande, devoted himself to painting in the nineties, structuring a vast artistic production, ranging from a purely abstract paintings painting heavily textured, made ​​from found materials, screws, steel wool fabrics.
Since 2007, the artist founded the Architetturanuda series, which reflects the relationship in which the human figure is part of the space, comparing the canons of construction made ​​with those of visual search. Wood is the primary support on which the paintings in oil or acrylic artist's work has made ​​this comparison, which is read as an irreconcilable conflict, a real battle, sometimes won by the "architectural" women who invade dimensional trajectories traced to their confrontation, sometimes overcome by spatial structures that oppress them in their plots ingabbiandole dense.
The large number of works in the exhibition, among which we highlight, in particular, the project of women and the respect of the curves, real "posters" of the new pictorial genre of 'Architetturanuda make possible a comprehensive overview of the artist and accompanied by a publication of an essay by the curator.

art exhibitions

MEDFILM Festival - photographic exhibition - collective art show. Church of Santa Rita - March 1999 - Rome

TRASTART - Il Cantiere - collective art show -  exhibition of oil paintings - february 2007 - Rome

ON THE SET - Rialto Santambrogio - photographic collective art show  - march 2007 - Rome

FOTOGRAMARE - Kjyas -  collective art show -  personal exhibition and video showing - june 2007 - Rome

I MITI - personal exhibition of paintings - Testaccio - march 2007 - Rome

ARCHITETTURANUDA - Caffè Bohemien - personal exhibition of oil paintings - april 2007 - Rome

ARCHITETTURANUDA - Brasia - personal exhibition of paintings - photo video showing - april 2007 - Rome

ARCHITETTURANUDA - Spazio Anticoli Gazebo - personal exhibition of paintings - may 2007 - Rome

ARCHITETTURANUDA - Lo Scalino -personal exhibition of paintings - august 2007 - Punta Ala (Gr)

ARCHITETTURANUDA - Atelier 35 - personal exhibition of paintings - september 2007 - Rome

ARCHITETTURANUDA - Good Caffè - personal exhibition of paintings and photos - october 2007 - Rome

ARCHITETTURANUDA - Contemporary Art Gallery Antiquariato Europeo Scribano, personal exhibition of paintings and photos- november 2007 - Rome

FOOT_GRAPHING - Riparte Cafè - personal exhibition of paintings and video showing - may 2008 - Rome

FOOT_GRAPHING - B Gallery - personal exhibition and video showing - july 2008 - Rome

IL LUOGO DELL'ALTROVE - Caffè Bohemien - photographic exhibition - march, june 2009 - Rome

URBAN ART - Ql Gallery - collective art show -  photographic exhibition - march 2011 - Rome

Итальянский архитектор Паоло Дель Гранде прославился благодаря своим модернистским, порой футуристичным проектам. Авангардная архитектура жилых домов и коммерческих помещений от Дель Гранде нашла признание далеко за пределами Италии, где, по словам архитек- тора, менталитет все еще тяготеет к традиционализму.


نحن الاستوديو، ومعرض وسلاسل محترفه في روما وبونتا علاء مع تصميم المنازل الفخمة و، بالإضافة إلى المباني الخاصة والتجارية الحصرية والمرافق العامة، وخلق أفكار خاصة بهم بالجدية والمهنية، الإبداع وسنوات من الخبرة.

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